ESG is central to our organization

In 2021, we began integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into our wider company strategy. ESG is the follow-on to CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, and the term is being adopted by more and more European companies, in line with evolving EU regulations. As such, although the terminology is new, many of the ideas it covers are already familiar and central to Holland Colours.

HCA - Adapt

ESG ROADMAP 2021-2025

The switch to ESG is a step by step process. Below is an overview of the roadmap we are following.



Defined our ambition
  • Defined specific sustainability visionand mission for Holland Colours
  • Communicated 2030 ambitionon our focus areas of our people,our processes, and our product


Transition GRI reporting to CSRD rules
  • Started preparing for introduction of CSRD reporting directive
  • New baseline for implementation of Scope 1, 2 and 3 
  • Integrated ESG reporting as part of overall strategy and reporting in Annual Report
  • Completed definition measurements for sustainable products and analyzing first part of product portfolio


Integrate ESG into our strategy,decision-making and reporting
  • Renew double materiality analysis: inside-out (diversity, health and development employees, CO2, waste); outside-in (raw material shortage, attractiveness as employer, CO2, new business models)
  • Annual Report follows CSRD guidelines
  • Gap analysis
  • All products analyzed for sustainability
  • Sustainability ambitions fully embedded as part of the renewed company strategy 


Future-Proofing with CSRD & EU Taxonomy Standards
  • Fully audited reporting according to CSRD and EU Taxonomy declarations
  • Sustainability topics fully embedded as part of regular business operations and reviews

In our DNA but more relevant than ever


Part of our mission is ‘to be recognized as a contributor to a sustainable industry.’ This involves working as a co-design partner to create solutions that support our clients in their sustainability goals. Through this, we contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Sustainability has always been a feature of our pigment encapsulation technology as it is based on a natural resource. This puts us in a strong position to respond to our clients’ growing expectations in this area.  Addressing sustainability issues and circular economy requirements is going to be a key issue for the ongoing continuity of Holland Colours.

Within sustainability, we concentrate on three broad areas: our people, our products and our processes. This focus is derived from a selection of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Of the 17 SDGs, we selected six that are most relevant to Holland Colours internally, to our clients, to brand owners and to our value chain partners. They can be grouped into 3 broad categories.

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Our People

We protect the safety, health and welfare of HCA employees and offer development opportunities to all. Given our geographical spread, we consider it important to employ nationally.

We invest at least 2% per year of our personnel expenses in responsible care for our employees. This is used to deliver training, for development and as time that can be spent on social aid activities.

HCA - Our processes 1.2

Our Processes

We service our customers with products that are produced regionally, and we design our processes to support the sustainable use of energy and raw materials.

By 2030, we will have reduced the CO2 impact of our operational activities by between 30% and 50%.

Our products - HCA

Our Products

Together with our customers and partners, we co-create sustainable solutions and develop products that enable recycling, the reduction of food waste and the reduction of energy consumption.

We will structurally increase our annual investment in innovation. By 2030, 90% of our revenue will be based on products that contribute to sustainability.

Guidance, support and information

Our People

Building our skills allows us to adapt quickly to changing business needs and attract talent seeking personal growth. We prioritize continuous training, both on-the-job and externally, focusing not just on specific job skills but also on broader personal development. We're committed to employee safety, welfare, and offering equal development opportunities.

We aim to invest 2% of our personnel costs in employee development: 80% on Learning & Development, 10% on well-being, and 10% on charity activities. In 2022/2023, we underutilized our L&D budget, but plan to fully utilize it next year. The EMEIA division introduced a Sustainable Employability Interview and policy, granting employees a personal development budget and access to an online learning platform.

Egbert Boerrigter – Holland Colours Europe, Head of Division Europe

“We don't just sell a product. We have very dedicated, well-trained colleagues who really take care of our customers and ensure they're ready for tomorrow." 

Utmost importance

Health and Safety 

Our number one priority is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our people. 

We therefore train and encourage our employees to report incidents, accidents and near misses. This is so that we can learn from them and improve our processes, procedures and behavior. 

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safety first
The way forward

Our processes

Over the last decade, Holland Colours has employed the gate-to-gate methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to report our sustainability. GRI is a broad guideline for sustainability reporting by NGOs, governments and industry.

In 2022/2023, we conducted a new carbon footprint analysis based on the newly adopted guidelines. This analysis was audited externally to define the most appropriate CO2 conversion factors. This will be an ongoing process over the coming years. In Scope 3, we see that waste makes a significant contribution to our overall CO2 footprint. In our efforts to lower emissions, we will focus on reducing our waste and continue to discuss possible improvements with our suppliers.


Sustainable solutions

Our products

In 2022/2023, we began analyzing the sustainability performance of our product portfolio. For this we defined a sustainable product as being one that meets one of the following three criteria while not performing significantly worse in the other criteria. 

At Holland Colours, a sustainable product:

  • either has a lower CO2 /kg equivalent impact than the main solution in a specific subsegment (cradle to gate); or
  • it enables our customer to have a lower CO2 /kg equivalent impact in their production vs. the main alternative solution; or
  •  it supports the increased recycling of materials.



The analysis of the first series of products led to the conclusion that some 20% of our product portfolio can be defined as 100% sustainable.

How we give back

Our commitment
We want to give back and be a member of the community. Here's a selection of some of the things we do to contribute.


Investing in people

Our investment in our community represents who we are as a company and as individuals.