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Our renewed strategy

Our CEO Coen Vinke explains our renewed strategy, our vision, mission and purpose. It showcases our unique identity and how we're incorporating that into our approach. 

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Strategy renewal process

Purpose, mission and vision

As part of the strategy renewal process we have conducted over the past year, a group of HCA employees worked on an updated version of our Purpose – the reason we exist – plus our Mission, our Vision and our Core Values that guide how we work together as a team towards a common goal, as colleagues and for our clients. 

Purpose: Finding a Better Way by Working Together
We aim to benefit our customers and the environment by constantly seeking better solutions. We value both process and outcome, believing that collaboration and teamwork are essential for success.

Mission: Co-designing Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Industry
We dedicate our resources to developing sustainable solutions for the plastics industry through partnerships. Collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners is key to our approach.

Vision: To Be the Best Custom Solution and Service Provider
By 2030, 90% of our products will be sustainable. We commit to high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability, emphasizing strong personal relationships and specialized expertise in our service offerings.


Our purpose

Finding a better way by working together.

Finding a better way is, in the first place, for the benefit of customers and the environment. Process and outcome are equally important. We continuously ask the question: ‘is there a better way’?

We are not satisfied with a solution that is good enough. We challenge ourselves for better solutions in all aspects of the business and operations.

We are deeply convinced that collaboration and teamwork are the basis for success. We collaborate within our organization and with our business partners.

Our mission

Co-designing innovative solutions for a sustainable industry.

We focus our efforts and resources on those challenges that contribute to a sustainable industry. We do this through the concept of partnership; transactional relationships are not strived for. Through collaboration with customers as well as suppliers and partners, we develop solutions that help the plastics industry become more sustainable.

Our vision

To be the best custom solution and service provider.

By 2030 the majority of our products, 90% is considered a sustainable product. By far the biggest share of the products that we develop, produce and sell match this qualification.

Our high level of responsibility is visible through our service propositions, product stewardship efforts and compliance to high international quality, safety and sustainability standards and regulations.

We are a leader in the subsegments that we have chosen. In the segments of our choice the majority of customers are service oriented and are ‘best fit’ customers, i.e. they appreciate partnership based on a qualitative high level of service, personal relationship and specialized know how and they identify themselves with our mission. 

A new strategy

Accelerate to win

In the 2022/2023 annual report, we announced that our next strategy, starting in 2024, would evolve to keep pace with rapidly changing markets. Given the increasing volatility and complexity, we've shifted to an annual strategy review cycle instead of fixed four-year periods.

Our renewed strategy, "Accelerate to Win", emerged from a comprehensive process involving external validation and extensive organizational involvement, including feedback from over 70 customers and industry partners.

Starting April 2024, our strategy is centered around three goals and four enablers:


  • Outpacing Market Growth: Strengthen leadership in Building & Construction, Packaging, and Coatings. Focus on additives for packaging, PET recycling solutions, siding and sealants, coatings and coated fabrics, and select applications in Asia.
  • Increasing Efficiency: Enhance competitiveness through continuous cost optimization.
  • Creating a Position in the Circular Value Chain: Co-create sustainable solutions and support the recycling market and renewable ingredients.
Our roots

Enablers (Roots):

To support these goals, we have identified four key enablers:

  • One Company Approach: Move towards a global organization with a uniform way of working and cross-divisional collaboration.
  • Process Improvement: Continuously optimize business processes and IT for commercial, operational, people, and innovation excellence.
  • Entrepreneurship: Innovate and explore new business opportunities and partnerships.
  • Winning Behaviors: Develop and link behaviors to our working methods and processes based on our core values, purpose, mission, and vision.

We began executing this strategy in January 2024, supported by a detailed rolling three-year Mid-Term Business Plan (MTBP), financial planning, a Balanced Scorecard, and KPIs. Our strategy will be reviewed and adjusted annually as needed.

Working as one global and strong team.

Our core values 



We are conscious of our impact and make deliberate choices on sustainability and safety. We proactively provide guidance and lend our expertise to our customers as we strive for a more sustainable industry.
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We are dedicated to find the best possible way to serve our customers. We believe in what we are doing. With our enthusiasm, motivation, skills and expertise, we get things moving within our company and for our business partners. 


We challenge ourselves, each other, and the status quo by stepping outside our comfort zone. We make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen to us. We not only do what is asked, we do what is needed. 


 We work, design and develop together. Teamwork is what makes our work impactful, fun and fulfilling; it allows us to continuously develop ourselves and our company.