Holland Colours NV 

Holland Colours is headquartered in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and has three divisions. Holland Colours Europe serves our customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. Holland Colours Americas serves our customers in North, Central and South America. Holland Colours Asia serves all of Asia and the Pacific Rim including Australia and New Zealand.

We make virtually all our products ourselves at our four main plants in the Netherlands, Hungary, the United States and Indonesia (Surabaya). We also have sales, small-scale manufacturing and/or distribution centers in the UK, Mexico, Canada and Indonesia (Jakarta). To ensure consistency around the world, all our production facilities have very similar manufacturing capabilities.

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At Holland Colours we reflect our commitment to a strong compliance culture as a non-negotiable foundation of how we do business. Our principles are actionable and we are prepared to do what is necessary to ensure that our Company is managed in line with our commitment. You can help us achieve this goal.

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