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"We work with Holland Colours because of their superior quality and quick, direct communication. If an issue arises, they're right there! Holcobatch stands out from the conventional masterbatch. With its lower melting point, colour disperses quicker and more evenly. Plus, the consistent quality and composition of Holcobatch means no surprises."

- Jan Bakker, manager Mixing departement at Wavin


Experience, product-stewardship and service

Global supplier of plastic colorants and additives

We develop and supply the highest quality solid and liquid colorants, color masterbatches and advanced polymer additives that bring you peace of mind and suit tomorrow’s needs. 

As your partner, we will find a better way by working together. With focus on personal service, we co-design innovative solutions for a sustainable industry.


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Colorants and services for polymer producers

Holland Colours develops, produces and commercializes solid and liquid colorants, masterbatches and additives for coloring rigid and flexible PVC for the building and construction industry, as well as PET and polyolefins for the packaging industry.

Next to serving these global markets, we offer color concentrates for coatings, elastomers and adhesives and other applications.


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Trusted by the biggest names


Margareth van Aken, Designer at Forbo Flooring

"What I love about Holland Colours is that we can communicate so easily and quickly with them and that they really listen and think through our challenges. We feel that they really understand us and through our collaboration we keep each other on our toes."

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Holland Colours began life in a brick shed in the Netherlands. We now have manufacturing and/or sales operations in the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Indonesia, Canada and Mexico.

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