Unique liquid colorants for the coatings market

A Proven Record In Industrial & Decorative Coatings

We've been a trusted name for the past 30 years. As a leading provider of colouring solutions, we have consistently delivered innovative and high-quality liquid colorants that have helped transform countless coatings projects. Whether it's enhancing the aesthetics of architectural coatings or adding vibrancy to industrial coatings, our liquid colorants are designed to optimize the delivery of colour to the end user. 

Liquid colorants
Nikolaus Auer, OTTO Chemie

“We have a very intensive cooperation. We work as partners very closely on innovation, new projects and processes”


Specific solution

Bespoke solutions

Looking for a bespoke solution for your product? Not a problem. Our team of specialists and researchers will work with you to create the perfect solution that that makes your product stand out and deliver.

Let us help you craft the perfect formulation
HCA- EU technology- JA, MK
Ready for a challenge
Contact us and together we'll create the perfect solution for your coatings needs.
Support and service

Ongoing support from a specialist

As the specialist partner in customized coloring solutions for coatings, Holland Colours has the knowledge to support and help you build a tinting setup that will satisfy the needs of a diversifying decorative market, from factory through to point of sale.

HCA- EU technology- MH