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Colorants For
Solvent-borne Industrial Coatings

Today’s demands for fast and flexible color production has made tinting a necessity for industrial producers. As a specialist partner in creating customized coloring solutions for coatings, Holland Colours has the detailed knowledge to help you build and support a tinting setup that satisfies industrial market needs, both at point of sale and in the factory.

It’s Your Choice

Existing System or Custom 

Holcolac is a series of colorants with a modular structure that makes it possible to design your ideal combination of colorants and base paints to match market demands for quality at the required cost level.

The Holcolac series is designed to meet and exceed the demanding performance requirements of the industrial coatings market. Holcolac’s comprehensive selection of highly pigmented, non-aromatic colorants deliver superior opacity and weather fastness, as well as heat, light and chemical resistance.

The series is widely compatible with diverse technologies, from short or long oiled alkyds to polyurethane, epoxy and NC systems.

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At a glance

The benefits

  • Designed for tinting machines (point of sale/in-plant)
  • High compatibility with a wide variety of resins
  • Industry-leading service and expert project support
  • Modular system design

Holcolac has been developed to provide you with the tools you need to build a customised solution at every point of your production process.

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Support and Service

Ongoing support from a specialist

As the specialist partner in customized coloring solutions for coatings, Holland Colours has the knowledge to support and help you build a tinting setup that will satisfy the needs of a diversifying decorative market, from factory through to point of sale. 


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