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Optimizing Product Performance and Elevating Recyclability

Beyond the visual aspect, functional colorants and additives serve a purpose – functionality, energy use during production, end-of-life recyclability, taste protection and prolonging shelf-life are all technical aspects to consider during design. We have decades of experience to help you select the best additives to protect your product.

Whether you are looking for additives for PET, uv absorbing additives for plastics, slip additives, anti-yellowing additives or biodegradable additives, we have a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs.




UV & Light blockers

These UV and light absorbing additives provide protection from 370 nm up to 400 nm in the UV range, and from 400 nm up to 600 nm for light-sensitive products. UV-only applications can be combined with any color as well.
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AA Scavenger

Protecting the taste of premium mineral water, TasteGuard catches the naturally occurring acetaldehyde (AA) that can affect the taste of the non-sparkling water during PET production and processing.
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Kopie van High Quality rPET

Anti-Yellowing for rPET

Widening the applicability of rPET in colorless bottles, TintMask neutralizes the color cast of lower grade rPET while maintaining brand esthetics. Cut costs by incorporating a wider range of rPET, including the cheapest grades.
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Enables the sorting of black plastics. Tested at Tomra & Suez. Sort shows no interaction with metal detectors, as confirmed by tests at Loma.
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A plastic packaging additive that protects dairy products from the effect of light. The Holcomer family provides superior opacity for UHT milk packaging. Low TiO2 versions also available.
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HolcoPearl ReWhite

Upgrading White rPET for Circular Packaging. Additive for circular, white light-blocking applications. Finally a safe, effective and efficient way tounlock the potential of white rPET.
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Lightguard OXN

Most types of beer are sensitive to UV radiation and visible light up to 510 nm. Formation of 3-methylbut-2-ene-1-thiol (3-MBT) out of hops is then triggered. The smallest amount of 3-MBT in beer is already noticeable. To protect the flavor of your beer, we developed LightGuard RGB OXN, available in green and amber.
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Look, no additives. Encapsulated color pigments that support melt-free and burn-free laser marking without needing laser marking additives. Ideal for imprinting brand, production date, batch number, use-by and other information onto PET bottles.
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Protecting plastic packaging during production, Holcoslip prevents scuff marks and scratches on PET packaging surfaces. We offer FDA-, REACH- and GB- compliant versions.
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A plastic additive that helps to cut heating time and, therefore, energy requirements during bottle blowing. Good news for you carbon footprint. Also available as a NIR detectable version.
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Adriana Rueda, Industry Packaging Specialist

Holcobatch from Holland Colours was my introduction to the world of color in plastics; in my opinion, they are the best option for extrusion blow molding; and, those micro granulates are a real piece of art."

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Additives for PET

Solutions Tailored to Industry Needs

Our comprehensive range of additives for plastics is designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Whether it's additives for plastic recycling that contribute to sustainability, customized additives for PET or AA scavengers , we offer solutions that are at the cutting edge of industry innovations.

Whether you are exploring options in colorants additives for plastics or seeking advanced solutions in thermally conductive additives, we are your trusted partner in achieving superior product quality and performance.

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Looking for a bespoke solution for your product? Not a problem. Our team of specialists and researchers will work with you to create the perfect solution that that makes your product stand out and deliver.

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