Colorants For PET With Built-in Tasteguard

Perserving The Authentic Taste Of Spring & Mineral Water

Taste consistency can be an issue with PET packaging, which is why Holland Colours offers PET colorants that include our TasteGuard - an all-in-one convenient package. Simple.

Acetaldehyde forms in very small quantities during PET production and processing. AA is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses and other food in amounts that are not harmful to human health.  AA is a degradation product of PET that migrates, giving off a fruity flavor that can influence the taste of whatever the PET packaging contains. This is a particular problem for non-sparkling water.

Low AA content is therefore a key requirement for PET water bottles which is exactly what our Tasteguard accomplishes. In effect, our TasteGuard catches the AA so it cannot affect the taste of the non-sparkling water.

Used in: Recycled PET

At a glance

The benefits

  • Catches AA and protects the taste

  • Highly-loaded, bio-based

  • Improves recycling by low scrap rate

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Based on a renewably sourced, natural carrier.

TasteGuard is based on a renewably sourced, natural carrier. This highly-loaded, bio-based product increases recyclability by reducing the use of other, less earthfriendly resins and additives. Recycling is also improved by a low scrap rate and energy consumption. And, TasteGuard is process neutral.

HCA- EU technology- JA, MK

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