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The biggest cause of scratches and scuffing is not handling at the point of sale, but during production, and particularly the moment when a preform is released from the cavities of the preform molding machine into the octabin bulk box. Friction causes the preforms to stick slightly as they are released into the octabin, causing small marks. These marks then scale up proportionally when the preform is eventually blown into a bottle. 

HolcoSlip for PET reduces the crucial Coefficient of Friction (COF) that is the main cause of scratching and damage during preform production. Lowering the COF ensures the preforms release more easily from the preform cavities, and also significantly reduces the incidence of scratching and scuffing as they drop into the octabin. The ultimate anti-scuff agent for plastics makes life easier. 

Used in: Cosmetics and personal care

See the difference

HolcoSlip before and after

Have a look at this concept art to illustrate the difference between a preform blown to a bottle with HolcoSlip versus without. Clarity, smoothness and quality versus degradation and imperfection due to it's effectiveness as a anti-scuff agent. 

Holcoslip comparison bottle
At a glance

The benefits

  • Eject preforms more easily from the core of the mold

  • Pack more preforms into every octabin bulk bin (~10% more preforms per bin)

  • Get optimum slip performance at lower dosing levels than other solutions

  • Bio-based, environmentally and food-contact safe

  • Negligible influence on your PET conversion process and no discoloration (e.g. no yellowing or black specks)


HCA- EU technology- JA, MK
Anti-Scuff Agent Additive for PET

Less Damage & More Storage

With branding ever more important in retail, no company can now afford to sell its products in scuffed and scratched PET bottles. It’s a question of trust. For end users, packaging that looks poor even before it leaves the store raises questions about the quality of the product inside. 

But reducing scratching and scuffing are not the only benefits of HolcoSlip. Low friction HolcoSlip also has benefits for costs. These include lower dosing than other slip agents for the same performance and the ability to store a higher amount of preforms in every octabin, reducing storage and transportation costs. HolcoSlip is compatible with most liquid additive / colorant dosing systems.

HCA-AS-Technology (12)-min
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