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In an increasingly green economy, packaging industry players who can reduce bottle blowing time and/or energy consumption have an advantage. As a specialist in circular solutions, we created FastHeat to lessen blowing time and energy consumption and assist in the recyclability of your bottles. Quickening production, helping the planet and supporting you from start to finish, Holland Colours is ready to help turn up the heat on your time.

Used in: Beer/wine, carbonated soft drinks, condiments and dry food, cosmetics and personal care, detergents, fruit juice, pharma, ready to drink tea, spirits

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The benefits

  • Reduce blowing time

  • Decreased energy consumption

  • Assist in the recyclability of your bottles

  • Greater speed to market

Along with reducing production time and energy cost, FastHeat can be combined with colorants to create a light blocking feature absorbing harmful radiation and transforming those wavelengths into harmless heat

HCA- EU technology- JA, MK
Sustainable and effective

Increase efficiency

During blow molding, existing PET preforms must be reheated with infrared light so they can be blown into the final bottle form. As natural PET resin has low absorption of infrared light, a traditionally long heating time is required. 

The FastHeat additive increases the infrared light absorption of the PET bottle preforms. This decreases the residence time in the oven and, therefore, lowers overall energy usage.

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Frequently asked questions

One of the many essential topics for brands is how to best combine freedom of packaging design with a high level of barrier properties to protect their product’s integrity.

An increasing number of products such as milk, yogurt drinks, milk/juice blends and vitamin-enhanced dairy beverages are now being packed in PET bottles with light protection.

As the expert in PET packaging, HCA is continuously looking for advancements which provide an opportunity to improve the cost of packaging production.

Holland Colours’ Holcomer Thermostretch series and FastHeat series provide the solution.

To learn more about this topic we asked Holland Colours’ Raymond Jongman, Sales Manager EMEA and Hans Werink, Global Product Manager Dairy for their expertise and to tell us all about bottle blowing, the challenges and the solutions available.

Read their paper. 

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