Holcopearl ReWhite

Closing the Circularity Loop of White rPET

White recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) is a promising material for use in circular white light-blocking applications and to aid in reaching recycling targets. The white rPET stream is becoming more and more available, thereby allowing for full circularity for white PET dairy bottles. However, it faces challenges that hinder its widespread adoption:

  1. Opacity and Color: White rPET lacks the desired opacity and tends to be too dark. Achieving the right balance is crucial.
  2. Regulatory Goals: The EU mandates increasing rPET content (25% by 2025, 30% by 2030). How do we use the white rPET stream to meet these targets effectively?
  3. Additive Dilemma: Using higher white rPET content requires using more additive, but overshooting the light barrier properties can be a concern. So how can you optimize for the best results?
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Introducing Holcopearl ReWhite

Our mono-material solution for PET bridges the gap between performance, compliance, and circularity:

  • Highly Concentrated Solid Format: Holcopearl ReWhite offers a powerful additive in solid form.
  • Superior UV and Light Blocking: create white dairy bottles that block 100% UV radiation and up to 99.9% of visible light.
  • Flexible Dosing Levels: Adjustable dosing ranges from 2% to 15%, depending on application and opacity needs.
  • Global Food Contact Compliance: Approved by EU 10/2011, FDA, Mercosur, and GB9685-2016.
  • Whiteness Enhancement: Improves L* whiteness, transforming rPET into a pleasing white, as well as reducing yellowness.
  • Cost-Effective Feedstocks: Enables the use of economical white rPET materials.
  • Consistent Color: Eliminates tint variations in white rPET products by allowing for dosing adjustments based on different white rPET sources.
  • rPET levels: allows the usage of high levels of white rPET, 50% and above, while providing an attractive color and high opacity. 
  • Mono-material solution: No other polymers will be used because using a combination of polymers can lead to accumulation of potentially disruptive materials. 

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HolcoPearl ReWhite

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