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Protect the flavour, promote the brand

Many consumer products are sensitive to UV light. Most types of beer are sensitive to UV radiation and visible light up to 510 nm. Formation of 3-methylbut-2-ene-1-thiol (3-MBT) out of hops is then triggered. The smallest amount of 3-MBT in beer is already noticeable. To protect the flavor of your beer, we developed LightGuard RGB OXN, available in green and amber.

Available in solid and liquid formats, our LightGuard can be used alone or with other additives or colorants to get the right coverage.

Used in: Beer/wine.

At a glance

The benefits

  • Perfect content protection while maintaining branding
  • Can be used by itself or with HCA colorants
  • Highly accurate and consistent online dosing
  • Cost reduction due to shorter downtime
  • Easy to dose and long shelf life

HCA- EU technology- JA, MK
Problem solving solution

Protect the contents as well as the brand

Product protection and brand identification are crucial for marketing continuity. We support your product’s UV security along with the colorant best fit for the job. LightGuard OXN provides highly accurate and consistent online dosing.

With easy implementation, there is a noticable cost reduction due to shorter downtime when compared to competitive additives. LightGuard OXN was created as a standalone product but we also offer it pre-colored in several standard products. Of course, we can always custom-match based on your specific product need.

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Lightguard OXN

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