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Recycling made simple

Due to its rich, true shade, black is a leading color in product branding and its opacity provides excellent protection for package contents. But, it has traditionally posed a challenge in the recycling stream. Now, Holland Colours offers a solution to this issue with Sort®, allowing automated recycling systems to properly identify black plastics. Beauty, branding, protection and recyclability? We can help you  Sort® it.

The  Sort® black pigment can be automatically identified and offer the same beauty and depth of color as carbon black - without the recycling headaches - providing customers with the brand appeal and quality they want without sacrificing our planet.

Used in: Beer/wine, Condiments and dry food, Cosmetics and Personal care, Detergents, Fruit Juice, Pharma, Ready to drink tea.

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The benefits

  • Perfect content protection while maintaining branding. 

  • Can be used by itself or with HCA colorants.

  • Highly accurate and consistent online dosing.

  • Cost reduction due to shorter downtime.

  • Available with additional visible light absorption and oxygen scavengers.

  • Easy to dose and long shelf life.

HCA- EU technology- JA, MK
Problem solving solution

How does  Sort® work?

Recycling facilities primarily use near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers, or lasers, to identify and sort the various types of plastics that need to be recycled. Then they're recycled in the correct way depending on their chemical breakdown.

But there is often a lot of waste that cannot be identified and ends up as non-recyclable waste even though it could be recycled. And a majority of that is black plastic.

 Sort® is a polymer based highly concentrated black colorant based on NIR detectable components. It enables recycling of cPET trays under current sorting technology and does not interfere with metal detectors at food packaging plants.

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