Co-Designing a sustainable future

Colorants Designed to Seal the Deal

Meet us at the ASC Annual Convention & EXPO to explore our cutting-edge collection of colorants specifically tailored for sealants and adhesives. Discover colorants offering low moisture content for optimal sealant performance and enjoy the flexibility to accommodate both small and large batch demands for silicone and liquid silicone rubber colors—all while maintaining your commitment to sustainability.

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Ready for the challenge
We'd love to show you what we've been working on. Find us at booth 319.
Our solutions

Fusion of performance and palette 

Our goal is to help you produce as efficiently and economically as possible while easily complying with laws and regulations. 


Regulatory excellence & Future proof

  • Proactive Regulatory Support: Ensuring you stay compliant

  • Future Proof Solutions: Created to match new standards & goals


Co-design and Commitment

  • Co-Design: Co-designing with your team to improve

  • Experienced & Committed Staff: Our employees are co-owners, so we all go the extra mile.


Color Excellence and Expertise

  • Color Matching Excellence: Unrivalled color matching expertise

  • Color & Functionality: Enhance performance as well as looks

Innovation and Sustainability

  • Innovative Product Range: Custom solutions for all your needs

  • Sustainable business partner: Sustainability is part of our DNA
Flexible and service-minded

Dedicated to your success 

As an independent colorant company, we have a proven record in helping companies meet their colorant needs.

No matter how large or small your company, we can help you grow your business with unique custom colors, consistent global production, reliable supply, cutting edge R&D, excellent sales and support, and fast and dependable logistics.

HCA-AM- Office 12-min
Hear from customers


"Holland Colours' colour pastes offer unprecedented flexibility. A stark contrast from the constraints we faced with customer-specific colours. The Holcosil 4 base colours have transformed our inventory management. What sets them apart as a partner is our shared vision, knack for problem-solving, and unrivaled service."

- Dirk-Jan Bakker, Operations manager at Connect Products B.V.

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Our innovative color solutions are engineered to enhance the quality and sustainability of building materials. Join us at ASC Annual Convention & EXPO 2024, booth 319 in Kentucky to see how we're contributing to eco-friendly construction practices, improving long-term durability, and promoting energy-efficient processing.