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Join us at The Packaging Conference to explore our eco-forward range of colorants and additives. Designed for the planet, our products enhance packaging with vibrant hues while minimizing CO2 emissions, boosting recyclability, and reducing energy consumption.

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Anti-Yellowing with Tintmask: Crystal Clear rPET, Every Time

Our Tintmask provides immediate help with anti-yellowing. Adjust the slider to see an rPET bottle with yellowing, and an rPET bottle that has been tinted using our product, making it look as good as new. 

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As an independent colorant company, we have a proven record in helping companies meet their colorant needs.

No matter how large or small your company, we can help you grow your business with unique custom colors, consistent global production, reliable supply, cutting edge R&D, excellent sales and support, and fast and dependable logistics.

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We create solutions and products that enable our customers to reduce energy consumption, increase recyclability and minimize food waste. Take a look at how we've helped the Ocean Plastics Cleanup, make cool sunglasses, made from recycled plastics. 

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Our innovative solutions extend shelf life, cutting down food waste, and ensure processing efficiency. Let's paint a sustainable future together at the Packaging Conference 2024.