Soft PVC Applications


A liquid colorant for soft-PVC applications. A range of maximum loaded, fully dispersed plasticizer pigment pastes that can be made of several types of monomeric or polymeric plasticizers. Easy handling, economical, phthalate-free options.

Achieve vibrant colors with high tinting strength and excellent opacity, or opt for stunning transparency.

Holcoplast colors are based on DINCH, DOTP, DINP, DIDP plasticizers and we are happy to supply other plasticizers upon request. These include FDA-approved plasticizers.

Used in: PVC membranes for Architectural purposes, conveyor belts, artificial leather, silo coverings and exterior and interior boat design.

At a glance


  • Maximum pigment loading ensures vibrant and long-lasting colors in your products.
  • Our high degree of dispersion means that the pigments are evenly distributed throughout your materials, guaranteeing consistent color quality.
  • Easy handling makes our products convenient to use in your manufacturing processes.
  • Designed for compatibility with various plasticizers, our pigments offer versatility in application.
  • Choose our phthalate-free options to ensure compliance with FDA/Bfr regulations while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.
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Colorants compared

See the difference

Here's concept art showing a sunshade with different types of colorants. Our colorants ensure the fabrics retain their beautiful color and UV stability, whereas a poorly colored fabric will fade and crack under UV light. 

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Support and Service

Ongoing support from a specialist

Besides providing tailored product solutions, we can help you overcome your technology or processing challenges. It could be switching from one colorant to another, or simply fine-tuning your production for optimum efficiency.

Our service technicians and color experts know and understand today’s industry and  can help you achieve the exact color results and features you want.

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