Reducing carbon footprint

Increase production efficiency, reduce energy consumption & QC time

Holcopearl is a clean, fast and flexible method of making white paint more efficiently with superior batch consistency. Using our encapsulation technology we’ve produced a solid, non-dusty colorant with pre-ground TiO2. 

Because there's no need for milling, and it passes QC easily, your energy consumption is reduced dramatically, which lowers your carbon footprint. 

Used in: creation of paint in the factory.

Save time, money and production capacity

No more dusty TiO2 Pigment Powder 

TiO2 powder is difficult to handle, can cause unsafe working conditions and the milling time takes hours to get right. Holcopearl makes this process easier and more efficient:

  • No more milling because the pearls disperse directly during the mixing process.
  • No need for further process additives that could mess with your formulation.
  • Reduces energy consumption because it requires no milling.
  • Non-dusty, solid pearl which makes it easier to clean, handle and store.
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How it works

Eliminate milling time entirely

The new Holcopearl allows you create larger batches with perfect batch consistency, in a fraction of the time. One of our customers went from from 3 hours of milling, to no longer having to mill at all.

  • Increased efficiency: Without the lengthy start-stop process of milling, checking color strength, making adjustments.
  • Easy incorporation: Make your production process flow efficiently because milling is no longer required.
  • Cleaner to work with: Reduce the time and effort needed to clean dusty devices and areas, and eliminates the hazard of working with TIO2 powder dust.
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At a glance

The benefits

  • Safe and Compliant: Titanium dioxide regulations have become increasingly strict. Holcopearl is a safe and efficient TIO2 delivery method. No hassle, all the strength.pigment dispersion

  • Pass QC immediately: No more color strength adjustments. Holcopearl gives you immediate and sustained batch consistency. No more repeated strength-checks.

  • Increase efficiency: Cut milling time, cleaning time and QC time allows you to massively speed up production, and makes your plant far more efficient and effective.

  • Reduce energy consumption: Because milling is no longer required, you save enormous amounts on energy consumption which decreases costs. 


Case study

Customer success story

One of our customers, one of the top 5 paint and coatings manufacturers in the world went from producing 500 liters in 4 hours, to 2000 liters in 1,5 hours.

They were able to: 

  • Increase their efficiency because the pearls flowed smoothly and directly into the dissolver, as compared to the dirty clumping of TiO2 powder that required hours and hours of milling.

  • Dramatically increase effectiveness, maintain batch consistency and significantly reduce QC and milling time.

  • Reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption, which had a huge effect on the bottom line
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Liquid colorants v.s. Holcopearl

Better than liquid colorants 

What are the advantages compared to liquid colorants:

  • No additives: nothing that could negatively affect the film properties or the stability of the paint. 
  • No solvent: easier, safer and cheaper to store, transport and hande.
  • Easier to clean and dispose.
  • Freedom of paint formulation: No additional restrictions on your formulation. 
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  • How does Holcopearl work?
  • How can you be sure it will work with your formulations and equipment?
  • What does the testing and finetuning process look like?
Holcopearl for coatings

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Support and Service

Ongoing support from a specialist

Besides providing tailored product solutions, we can help you overcome your technology or processing challenges. It could be switching from one colorant to another, or simply fine-tuning your production for optimum efficiency.

Our service technicians and color experts know and understand today’s industry and  can help you achieve the exact color results and features you want.

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