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Vibrancy Meets Velocity in Sealant Production

The low moisture content formulation of Holcoflex means sealants are far less likely to prematurely react or cure in their packaging, granting them a longer shelf life. This pivotal benefit reduces waste and maintained performance, providing peace of mind for manufacturers, distributors, and end-users alike.

You'll receive exquisite color, that seals the deal.

That way your sealant can deliver a seamless cure —effortlessly from packaging to application. Our colorants integrate seamlessly into production, propelling your sealants into tubes, with unwavering quality.

MS Polymer, Polysulfide and Polyurethane sealants

Color Flexibility for Ms Polymer Sealants

Holcoflex is a proven solution which is highly effective for polyurethane sealants, MS-polymer sealants, polysulfide sealants, and other organic sealants.
Holcoflex can also be used as a phthalate-free color paste for flexible PVC. 

Holcoflex is a proven solution to meet and exceed the coloring requirements from the factory to the end user.

HCA sealants
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The benefits

  • Highly effective for MS-Polymer sealants, Polyurethane sealants, Polysulfide sealants and other organic sealants.
  • Consistently excellent pigment dispersion.
  • Supports Automatic Dosing.
  • Minimal moisture content.
  • Standard colors and custom-specific colors.


A look behind the scenes

ASP Dichtstoffe

ASP Dichtstoffe GmbH is a company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and packaging sealants based on silicone and hybrid technologies. The video shows how they were able to boost their efficiency as well as their creativity with our products. 

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