Natural Stone Surfaces

Coloring Solution for Natural Stone

Holcosil NS is a proven non-staining coloring solution for natural stone surfaces, Holcosil NS is used for silicone sealants and because of the use of reactive OH-polymer, the pigment paste in specific natural stone sealants won’t stain in natural stone sealant applications.

  • Support automatic dosing
  • Standard colors and custom colors on requests
Holcosil ns-compressed
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The benefits

  • Because of the use of reactive OH polymer, the colourpaste in specific natural stone sealants won’ t stain in
    natural stone sealant applications
  • High pigment loading
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Lower dosing
  • Supports Automatic Dosing
  • Standard colors and
    custom-specific colors


HCA- EU technology- EI

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Holcosil NS

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Support and Service

Ongoing support from a specialist

As the specialist partner in customized coloring solutions for coatings, Holland Colours has the knowledge to support and help you build a tinting setup that will satisfy the needs of a diversifying decorative market, from factory through to point of sale. 

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