Holland Colours Asia (HC Asia) turned 33 years old

On November 25, 2023, Holland Colours Asia (HC Asia) turned 33 years old! To mark this milestone, a celebration was held at the office yard on Saturday morning so all employees of Holland Colours Asia could join the event.


HCA Asia 33 years 

The employees in Tangerang also joined online to celebrate this happiness together. The event began by taking a group photo before the morning exercise at 7:00 am. After exercising, the hosts guided everyone to breakfast and juice, which had already been prepared by the crew, and gave everyone a break before continuing to the next event.


HCA Asia 33 - 2

The day grew more exciting as everyone engaged in some friendly competition and the hosts gave out prizes. The happiness didn't stop there; the peak of the event was blowing out candles and cutting the celebratory cake by Mr. Yoseph, Mr. Pingky, and two of our longest employees who have dedicated themselves to Holland Colours Asia.


There was also a moment to recognize and appreciate employees who have served the company for more than 10 years. Next to this, there was a CSR program at which basic groceries such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, fresh milk, and instant noodles, were given to the local communities.

As the time went by, no one realized that it was already midday, and the remarkable event had to end. So, everyone gathered once again, all of the teams no matter who and where they were, to celebrate the happiness and take a last picture as one family - Holland Colours Asia!!





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