Looking for an intense black colorant?

Holcolac Black UHC (2)Increase your production efficiency with HCA's new black colorant

Holland Colours has developed an ultra-deep intense black colorant that is the ultimate addition to your industrial tinting system. The colorant has an extremely powerful color but remains pumpable which makes it both easy and efficient to use during your production process.

Using a finer grade carbon black the new colorant produces a deep and glossy effect perfectly suited for high gloss industrial applications.

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  • Optimal dispersion & color distribution
  • Low viscosity
  • Optimized concentration
  • Low coloring costs

Holland Colours has provided coloring solutions to the coatings industry for the last 40 years. Today, we are partnering with customers globally to optimize the delivery of color to the end user. As a complete systems supplier, Holland Colours also offers water-based colorants to address the increasing demand for eco-friendly industrial products.

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