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Revolutionizing Recycling: How we help GPBO's Fuse Kitchens Transform Plastic Waste into Building Materials

GPBO is turning the challenge of plastic waste in non-recycling regions into an opportunity by deploying mini-factories called Fuse Kitchens. These containerized units are designed to travel globally, transforming plastic waste into valuable building materials. Success hinges on effective local waste management, material sourcing for the Fuse Kitchen, and training individuals to produce high-quality products. The end result is the sale and use of these materials, such as planks, tiles, and roof tiles, within local communities, fostering waste reduction, minimizing imports, and creating jobs.


GPBO - Fuse Kitchen


Currently, GPBO is expanding, particularly in the Caribbean with the first Fuse Kitchen in Bonaire established through partnerships with local governments and businesses. The products, including HCA's uniquely colored planks, are being sold in local DIY megastores, with plans to extend these facilities to other islands and regions. In the Wadden Sea area, a showcase at the Wadden Sea World Heritage Centre demonstrates our material applications.



Our collaboration with GPBO has been fruitful, providing expertise in color, testing, and advisory. This partnership has led to the first revenue from the Bonaire factory and has once again shown us the value of nurturing startups and exploring new recycling applications.

Our engagement with innovative small enterprises equips us for future challenges. As the world seeks sustainable solutions for plastic waste, particularly where traditional recycling is not an option, our showcases position us as a valuable partner for high-end and practical applications in the recycling industry.


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