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Join us at AMI’s PVC Formulation event to discover our innovative range of colorants and additives, thoughtfully crafted for the building and construction sector. Our solutions are designed with the planet in mind, enhancing PVC products with durable, vibrant colors while promoting sustainability. 

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Holcobatch vs pigments

See the difference in ease of use and cleanliness. Holcobatch is a clean and easy to use masterbatch, whereas pigments cause agglomeration and dust 

PIgments HB1
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As an independent colorant company, we have a proven record in helping companies meet their colorant needs.

No matter how large or small your company, we can help you grow your business with unique custom colors, consistent global production, reliable supply, cutting edge R&D, excellent sales and support, and fast and dependable logistics.

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Sustainable products and processes

We create innovative and effective solutions and products with a focus on sustainability. The tiles you see in the image were made from recycled fishing nets. 

CHT - compressed
Tiles made from recycled plastics
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Our innovative color solutions are engineered to enhance the quality and sustainability of building materials. Join us at AMI’s PVC Formulation event to see how we're contributing to eco-friendly construction practices, improving long-term durability, and promoting energy-efficient processing.