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Press Release - Annual General Meeting Holland Colours 2020/2021

The annual general meeting of shareholders of Holland Colours NV held today (agenda and explanation available at adopted following of the proposed resolutions:

• The general meeting of shareholders of Holland Colours NV has delivered a positive advisory vote on the 2020/2021 remuneration report;

• The Financial Statements for the financial year 2020/2021 were adopted;

• The final dividend for the financial year 2020/2021 was declared at EUR 5.50 per ordinary share with a nominal value of EUR 2.27. The final dividend will be made available for distribution in cash. Dividend in cash is subject to 15% Dutch dividend withholding tax. The ex-dividend date is July 19, 2021. The dividend record date is July 20, 2021 (after stock-exchange close). The payment of the final dividend of ordinary shares will take place per July 23, 2021;

• Discharge was granted to the members of the Board of Management and the members of the Supervisory Board;

• Mr. J. Klaus has been re-appointed as member of the Supervisory Board;

• The designation of the Board of Management to acquire company shares, with approval of the Supervisory Board is granted until January 15, 2023. 

Apeldoorn, July 15, 2021



Holland Colours develops and manufactures groundbreaking solid and liquid color concentrates, masterbatches, and additive concentrates for rigid and flexible PVC for the building and construction industry, and for the production of PET and polyolefin-based packaging. We also produce color concentrates for use in coatings, sealants & adhesives and other applications.

As a company, we set out to deliver customer peace of mind through superior product performance, world-leading product stewardship, and outstanding technical service. Our experts co-design color and functional solutions with our customers, develop solutions to support recycling, and actively contribute to creating a more sustainable industry overall.

Holland Colours is a Dutch company, founded in 1979 and listed on the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange. With committed employee shareholders and production locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we serve customers on every continent. To find out more, visit us at


KEY DATES (indicative)

October 22, 2021:      Publication of interim results 2021/2022
May 25, 2022:            Publication of 2021/2022 financial statements
July 7, 2022:               Annual General Meeting of Shareholders