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Press Release: Holland Colours Results 2023/2024

Holland Colours Results 2023/2024


Significant market uncertainty and high interest rates had a negative impact on demand in most of our core business segments, with Building & Construction, in particular, being hit hard. Due to these continued unfavorable market conditions, the company saw a decrease in volume and average selling price and  a decline of revenue in financial year 2023/2024.

Sales margins were managed well in the face of the volume slowdown, and operational costs were kept under control.  At the same time, we renewed our strategy and we have established a clear path forward. The renewed strategy is a continuation of many elements of the previous one, combined with new initiatives related to growth, efficiency and the development of a position in the circular value chain.   

Holland Colours can report the following results for the 2023/2024 financial year:

  • 7.3% revenue decrease on the previous financial year;
  • Operating result of € 7.0 million versus € 7.3 million in the previous year;
  • Net result of € 5.2 million versus € 5.9 million in the previous year, while net earnings per share came in at € 6.02 versus € 6.82 the previous year;
  • Final dividend proposed of € 2.59 million (€ 3.01 per share).

Revenue for the 2023/2024 financial year was € 103.3 million, a decrease of 7.3% on the previous year (€ 111.4 million). This included a negative impact (€ 2.1 million) arising from the translation from USD to EUR.


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Apeldoorn, May 30, 2024



Board of Management

Coen Vinke (CEO)

Eelco van Hamersveld (CTO)

Geert Rutgers (CFO ad interim)