Holland Colours announces website revamp!

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Holland Colours launches an all-new website providing quick and easy access to both our product information and best-in-class service. Our new website underlines our focus on custom color and additive solutions and additional services.


After global rebranding in 2016, we introduced a new HCA website, reflecting our mission to work with our customers’ as co-designers. Since then, our website has seen tremendous growth in the number of visitors. Over the years, other additional features were introduced like the download center, the press corner, and the launch of our very first webshop to increase interaction with customers and to make it easier for them to do business with us.

Toward the end of 2019, we launched our updated and expanded additives range to clarify and better promote the vast benefits they offer. Also, during that time, a solid online marketing strategy was introduced. As a result, we began publishing social media posts and news articles on our website on a more consistent basis. These educational and inspirational articles share more specific information with targeted groups within our customer base and beyond.

As a special function of the newly revised website, we are focusing on delivering solutions instead of only selling products. Therefore, a new solution selector has been created for our biggest focus markets with numerous opportunities for customers to talk us. When visiting the new website, our current and prospective customers will find useful information about our solutions along with full guides answering questions that they might have when searching on particular topics and solving potential challenges.

Keep checking back at for newly updated content with useful information to further enhance your products, support your company image and reinforce your brand.

Click here to visit our renewed website.

September 9, 2020