Color Catalogue

At Holland Colours, our aim is to co-create colors with you while coloring your success.

We realize, and experience on a daily basis, that color is one of the most critical aspects of your design - whether it is used to differentiate yourself on the shelf, to convey a message, to create a certain association or for food protection.

The US packaging market will likely stay steady or increase in line with demand for food, pharma, and personal care items. We see that some companies are pushing production for standard products, while many are joining in the COVID-19 fight by making PPE products. One customer, active in the Building & Construction industry, is even making graphic sheet and structures for overflow offsite ‘hospital’ facilities.




Therefore, we are proud to offer you our new color catalogue with numerous color combinations to inspire your next project. Please click here to access the latest version of our catalogue.

Each color theme is supported by images and comes with a set of Pantone codes. Color chips and color formulations are readily available, enabling you to receive an immediate response when requested. Please note that for now, this option is only available for customers in the EMEA region.


We will issue a new color leaflet on a monthly basis, based on a specific color, to spark some new ideas.

Would you like to automatically receive these regular updates? Or, do you love these color ranges but need a customized color? No problem at all. Please contact us at We would be more than happy to match your specific color.