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The Dazzle line of products was born from a wild idea to have special effects vinyl flooring that no one was offering yet in the market.  Working closely with an incredibly creative customer and then streamlining it a bit, we created the full Dazzle product range of color and effects for vinyl flooring.

To make a full product line, we wanted to offer a wide range all types of products like silver and gold etc., but also colored glitter with differing particle size.  This resulted in unusual looks like "beetle" colors, that change when you look at the floor from different angles and "bling bling" that gives floors a glamourous look like the furnishings on a high-end yacht!

Developed specifically for the PVC flooring market, there are no other products like this. Pure glitter pigments are being used, but not in an easy-to-handle format like Holland Colours’.  And one advantage to the Dazzle range is that you can mix the different effects and colors with each other. This enables you to realize endless creative possibilities in an easy way. Try and mix several effects together and see what comes out!

As for the sustainability of this product line, we use a DOTP plasticizer which has an environmentally lower impact than alternate items in the market. The request for recyclability is a must in any field now. Our mission is to, together with our customers, develop solutions that contribute to a sustainable industry.

If your company is interested in offering this groundbreaking look and wants to take flooring to the next level, contact us or download our leaflet. Or if you want to discuss special effects in other areas, like packaging and coatings, let us know.  Flooring may be just the first step to a colorful relationship!