Frost gives PET bottles the cool look and soft feel of textured glass

Richmond, Indiana
 – – Holland Colours is launching Frost, an innovative additive for PET bottles to achieve a high-end, frosted look from bottom to top. Frost has potential applications across a wide-range of consumer products including cosmetics.

Frost can replace spray-on or painted frost effects, offering a cool, icy look and velvety, slip-resistant texture, with consistently controlled dosing and less production time. A dust-free, microbead product, Frost is easily dosed online without secondary operations, for maximum production efficiencies.

“This is a one-step process,” says Joe Gleeson, Sales & Marketing Manager for Holland Colours Americas, “and Holland Colours is the only company out there that’s doing it. For brand owners and bottle producers, it’s an opportunity to increase speed to market, and reduce long-term manufacturing costs.”

Frost was developed to replicate the premium look and soft texture of frosted glass in a lightweight, less costly, scuff and mar-resistant material. The translucent effect is created with significant gloss reduction, regardless of orientation. This product is ideal for creamy, oily and high-alcohol applications.

Holland Colours can customize Frost colors to match any branding. According to Gleeson, “Frost delivers a truly enhanced look and feel. We now have the ability to create that desirable, frozen appearance with a very touchable matte finish in any color you like.”

To celebrate the launch of Frost and highlight some of the potential colors, we have created The Allure Collection, a showcase of what’s possible. Says Gleeson, “It’s a sophisticated look that’s perfect for upscale products. And we achieve it while reducing your time, effort and cost.”

Gleeson predicts a positive future for Frost. “This is an exciting breakthrough for PET bottles, and the applications are virtually limitless.”

Frost… Cool to look at, soft to touch.

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