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How Color Can Boost Your Well-being - Purple

purpleLying halfway between calming blue and invigorating red, purple is known for both its portrayal of regal lineage and evoking of mystical power. As the historical color of royalty, it symbolizes nobility, living well and ambition. As a mystical color, it is often used in portrayals of witches and wizards casting magical spells.


In fashion, purple appeals to both the feminine and masculine, striking a balance of equal energy. Appearing rarely in nature, most purple flowers are delicate in shape but bold in visual appeal. Similarly, when asked what feeling the color purple emotes, most answers are about passion, vitality, energy and fulfillment.

In the Chakra colors, purple is the Crown (head) Chakra. As such, it governs the mind, the nervous system, and the brain.

Feel powerful, and maybe a bit mysterious, with a little purple in your life!