Kidscollege visits Holland Colours

A fun and interactive lesson with kids

Last Sunday, November 20, Holland Colors Apeldoorn served as the the teaching location for KidsCollege Apeldoorn. KCA is a weekend school for curious children aged 10 to 14, who, due to their home situation, find it more difficult to learn (


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After our donation last summer through the Heer-Rozendaal Foundation, the idea came up that we could provide an interactive class for kids. And so it came to be.


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The lesson was about color, of course! 20 children did a variety of scientific tests yesterday and they learned quite a few things about color. It was a super fun and educational afternoon.


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In the future we're going to see if we can provide more of these types of lessons for Kidscollege or similar charities.


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Helping hands

A big thank you to all HCA colleagues involved: Thank you Zika, Michelle, Marcel, Patrick, Arnold, Nico, Stijn and Monique for helping out and making sure this was a very successful afternoon!

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Other Ideas?

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