Protection Through Science - LightGuard RGB OXN Amber

Maximum protection against the “light-struck effect” in premium beer.

Our NEW LightGuard RGB OXN Amber is a reality and is now commercially available.

This barrier product has been developed on the basis of premium brand specifications and can, overall, be used in combination with industry-wide standard combinations like 5% MXD6 and 95% Indorama Polyshield 2300.

But if you would rather buy the resin from your local PET resin supplier, our LightGuard RGB OXN Amber can still be used in combination with 5% MXD6 and 20% MB 2520 (Indorama Polyshield protection). You can count on our technical support to find the optimal solution for you.

For more information about sample material and dosing levels, or if you would like to receive a sample bottle, MSDS or a TDS, please contact us

We would be more than happy to help. Meanwhile, feel free to download the leaflet, by clicking here.