Special gathering for Ramadan and to honor our long-serving employees

Special gathering to break the fast and honor our long-serving employees

In April, HCA Asia held an event, "Buka Bersama dan Pemberian Penghargaan Masa Kerja". It was a gathering to break the fast and honor our long-serving employees.

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The main aim of the event is twofold: to foster a sense of community by bringing together employees during the holy month of Ramadan, and to honor those employees who have shown outstanding dedication and service to our organization.
Breaking the fast, or "Buka Puasa", is an important aspect of Ramadan, a month where Muslims around the world fast from dawn to sunset. By holding this communal "Buka Puasa", we hope to not only respect and honor this tradition but also to build stronger relationships among our team members.


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The awarding portion of the event, "Pemberian Penghargaan Masa Kerja," is intended to recognize and appreciate our long-serving employees. In HC Asia, we consider employees who have served for a period of 10 years or more as "long-serving." It's our way to acknowledge their loyalty and valuable contributions over the years.

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We're delighted to mention that this event was attended by our entire team, which only goes to show the sense of community and shared respect we foster in our organization. We typically organize this event annually, in line with the Ramadan schedule, but the recognition of long-serving employees may also occur on other significant occasions or milestones

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Overall, it's an event that our employees look forward to, as it's a chance to connect with their peers and celebrate the spirit of togetherness and appreciation.



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