The Natural Collection

natural_collection-2x-1Colorants for Use with Biopolymers

Richmond, Indiana – Holland Colours Americas Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of The Natural Collection, a new bio-derived colorant for use in cosmetic packaging and other commercial applications.

A global specialist in customer-specific coloring products, Holland Colours is the first company to develop a product line in which color pigments are non-toxic and developed specifically for PET and biopolymers.

“The Natural Collection represents a truly sustainable solution in polymer packaging, one that combines aesthetics and technology with environmentally friendly materials,” says Joe Gleeson, Sales & Marketing Manager, Holland Colours Americas. “Today’s consumers expect eco-friendly packaging material to break down completely, including the color components. However, most available colorants in the industry today have few, if any, bio-derived components. The Natural Collection is the exception.”

Holland Colours’ latest innovation uses non-petroleum-based pigments and a bio-derived carrier that provides colorants made entirely from renewable resources. Many of these pigments are FDA compliant, making them suitable for packaging and other food-contact applications. Moreover, The Natural Collection palette offers converters a 100% non-petroleum based colorant option that can be used for a variety of biopolymer applications.

The Natural Collection will initially target the branding and packaging needs of cosmetics and personal care markets. As with other Holland Colours’ Holcobatch products, benefits of the environmentally friendly colorant include low-dosing, low-dust, free-flowing and easy processing. Additionally, The Natural Collection provides competitive advantages in terms of branding.

“At Holland Colours, our goal of being a sustainable company aligns with our corporate values of stewardship. We continually strive to improve the health of the communities we serve. Holland Colours was initially founded in 1979 by a group of individuals who were experts in pigments and saw a need to dramatically change the way in which colorants were being used in packaging at the time. Their innovative spirit resulted in a breakthrough product that ultimately revolutionized the market. The Natural Collection incorporates this same innovation, delivering unmatched coloring performance for a wide range of polymers, while being sustainable, eco-friendly and green,” adds Gleeson.

The Natural Collection….  True to your Brand. True to the Earth.

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