A Matter of Taste and Timing

During PET preform production, the molecule acetaldehyde (AA) is formed as a byproduct of PET. Although AA is a naturally occurring substance, it has a sweet taste and can cause an “off” flavor in applications such as bottled water. To prevent this from happening, an AA scavenger like Holland Colours’ TasteGuard can be used to prevent migration of AA into the bottle content.

For 20 years, there were strict patents in place around the globe concerning this type of packaging additive and who could supply and produce it. In February 2021, these restrictions will no longer be valid per legal reviews of rules provided by the European Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Therefore, Holland Colours’ TasteGuard will be available freely across all regions.

TasteGuard is currently available in a solid 50% loaded format while a liquid format prototype is nearing launch. Next, a new solid 75% loaded version will soon be introduced, which creates less contamination in the recycling stream, causing less yellowing in rPET.

Our AA blockers are not considered as active substances according to EU 450/2009. In fact, TasteGuard prevents AA from entering packaged water. For additional regulatory questions and/or Documents of Compliance, please contact our Product Stewardship Department in Apeldoorn by clicking here.

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