Solution Selector

Coloured transparant PET you like to bring your packaging to the next level?

At Holland Colours, we have been producing circular colors and functional additives for plastic packaging for over 40 years.
Crucially, our product range is designed to support choosing and combining any color and multiple functionalities, all in a one-pack solution.

Choose, combine and customize your plastic packaging colorants and additives
To make the life of brand owners and converters easier, we are introducing a Choose & Combine service for colorants and additives. This is the perfect way to build a custom packaging solution around the properties, specifications and performance you need. It works like this:


1. You decide if you want a color, property and/or visual effect (this is optional).
2. You choose the additive or additives you want in your solution.
3. We discuss your requirements, including color and shade, loading, format processing and other requirements you might have.
4. We combine your choices into one product and ship it out to you.

And that’s it. So simple.

See your choices with our handy selector. This clickable selector covers all the options available and includes some recommended combinations.

If you would like to try it, just let us know what you want.