TasteGuard: just another AA scavenger?

In reaching to meet your sustainability target, Holland Colours’ TasteGuard Ultramax (AA scavenger) can assist you.  Because it is made partly from renewable content (like many other HCA products), it can have a positive impact for your sustainability program.  Being the highest loaded AA Scavenger in the market, TasteGuard Ultramax means lower dosing levels can be achieved than with competitor products.  And lower dosing means less impact on the properties of the finished product and less cost in production.

Based on a non-polymer carrier, the use of TasteGuard Ultramax allows for producing real 100% rPET bottles because no polymer is introduced. As for recycling, the fact is that AA scavengers like TasteGuard Ultramax have been in the market for quite some time, and therefore in B2B, they are already recycled without any significant issues. All other raw materials in TasteGuard Ultramax have been in the recycling streams through other HCA products for a very long time.

Depending on your tinting needs, TasteGuard Ultramax is offered in several versions.  Currently, Neutral, Blue, Violet Blue, Violet Blue Plus and Tintmask round out the selection.  But let us know what you desire – we are always looking to support your next big need. Contact us to find out more about the possibilities of TasteGuard Ultramax. Or download our TasteGuard Leaflet.