Holland Colours offers PET bottlers and drink brands more options with two new versions of its acclaimed TasteGuard AA scavenger

Low dosing, enhanced recyclability and major reductions in scrap rate and energy consumption – Holland Colours is expanding its TasteGuard range of additives for PET with the addition of two new AA scavenger products: TasteGuard Liquid and the highly loaded solid TasteGuard Ultramax – the first of its kind. Along with the first generation TasteGuard, both products can be combined with colors and additional functional additives as a 1-pack solution. Holland Colours’ TasteGuard range has been proven to be as effective as, or even more than, other commercially available solutions.

With the launch of TasteGuard Liquid and TasteGuard Ultramax, Holland Colours is offering bottled water brands new options depending on their market, sustainability goals, brand positioning, cost base and their suppliers’ production technology. 

What are AA scavengers? 
During PET preform production, the molecule acetaldehyde (AA) is formed as a byproduct of PET. Although AA is a naturally occurring substance, it has a sweet taste and can cause an “off” flavor in applications such as bottled water. This is a particular problem for non-sparkling water. To prevent this from happening, AA scavengers like Holland Colours’ TasteGuard range catch the AA and prevent its migration into the contents of the bottle, thereby safeguarding the taste.

TasteGuard Liquid – a cost-effective liquid scavenger 
The new TasteGuard Liquid is the liquid equivalent of Holland Colours’ original, biobased, solid format TasteGuard. Being liquid-basedTasteGuard Liquid provides a true drop-in solution and a direct replacement for alternative liquid AA scavengers.

This means that PET bottle manufacturers and drink brands can switch to the new liquid TasteGuard without having to make any production line or other changes at all. And just like the first generation solid TasteGuard, the new liquid version has less impact on colors or tints. It also provides comparable or greater effectiveness at the same dosing level as other liquid-based AA scavengers, making it a more economical option than other commercially available alternatives.

TasteGuard Ultramax – costs down, recyclability up 
Pushing the performance envelope, TasteGuard Ultramax offers a different set of advantages for bottlers and brand owners. For instance, whereas most solid and liquid AA scavengers are loaded at 40% (the first generation TasteGuard already outperforms on this measure, being loaded at up to 50%), the new TasteGuard Ultramax is loaded at up to 75%. This offers breakthrough benefits, including:

  • lower coloring costs (less packaging, less warehouse space, less production time, less handling, long shelf-life)
  • easier recycling with less carrier material 
  • improved compatibility with the newest generation of HPP4 and HPP5 injection molding machines 
  • no sedimentation
  • fully customizable in color and tint
  • same food contact status as the first generation solid TasteGuard
  • process neutral
  • low scrap rate and energy consumption 

Direct switching for existing TasteGuard users 
Based on a solid biobased carrier just like the first generation TasteGuard, TasteGuard Ultramax provides an easy drop-in solution for existing TasteGuard users who want to up their sustainability, lower their costs and meet upcoming EU PET bottle recycling regulations.

With the launch of TasteGuard Liquid and TasteGuard Ultramax alongside the first generation of TasteGuard, Holland Colours now offers PET bottle manufacturers and drink brands three ways to deliver a consistently great taste while distinguishing their brand, lowering their production investments and improving their sustainability.

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