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Colorants for Building and Construction

Our solutions for plastic vinyl siding, cladding and weatherboarding provide the highest level of coloring performance for capstock and substrate applications. We provide products, know-how, singular technology and exceptional services that enable you to differentiate your brands and products in a fast-changing competitive market.





Microbeads and an eco-friendly carrier, with a low melting point and support for ultra-low dosing. Holcobatch® is typically used for light color applications and delivers the highest coloring homogeneity. Use for transparent applications.
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Cylindrical granulates, based on a natural carrier and showing a low melting point. Holcoprill is highly concentrated and is designed for use at high dosing levels. Use for transparent and opaque applications.
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Round granulates, based on a polymeric carrier and suitable for low dosing. Holcopearl® is a great colorant for ABS, flexible PVC applications, polyolefins and PET. Use for transparent and highly opaque applications.
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Holcopearl® Dark Colors

A round granulate colorant with very consistent particle shape and a narrow particle size distribution with a polymeric carrier. Ideal solution for companies looking to expand their color offering. With its consistent dosing and pellet size, it’s ideal for ASA applications, mimicking the particle size of that resin.
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Holcoflex is a proven solution which is highly effective for polyurethane sealants, MS-polymer sealants, polysulfide sealants, and other organic sealants.Holcoflex can also be used as a plasticizer-free color paste for flexible PVC.
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A liquid colorant for soft-PVC applications. A range of maximum loaded, fully dispersed plasticizer pigment pastes that can be used with several types of monomeric or polymeric plasticizers. Easy handling, economical, phthalate-free options.
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In-Depth Guide

Coloring expanded
polystyrene foam (EPS)

A flexible, clean and cost-effective coloring process is a key requirement for manufacturers of expanded (EPS) polystyrene. But in an age of brand differentiation and the need for clear product identification, colors are another and increasingly important necessity.

Holland Colours has over 40 years of experience in colorants for building and construction applications, like EPS. As the thought leaders in this field, we have developed a full guide that covers some valuable information before you go into action.

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Adriana Rueda, Industry Packaging Specialist

Holcobatch from Holland Colours was my introduction to the world of color in plastics; in my opinion, they are the best option for extrusion blow molding; and, those micro granulates are a real piece of art."


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Specific solution

Bespoke solutions

Looking for a bespoke solution for your product? Not a problem. Our team of specialists and researchers will work with you to create the perfect solution that that makes your product stand out and deliver.

Let us help you craft the perfect formulation
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Ready for the challenge
Contact us and together we'll create the perfect solution for your coloring needs.

Support and service

Ongoing support from a specialist

Besides providing tailored product solutions, we can help you overcome your technology or processing challenges. It could be switching from one colorant to another, or simply fine-tuning your production for optimum efficiency.

Our service technicians and color experts know and understand today’s industry and  can help you achieve the exact color results and features you want.

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