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Holcobatch®: the very first eco-friendly masterbatch

In 1979, the founders of Holland Colours set to work in an abandoned paper factory in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. A small but ambitious team, they had an idea that would ultimately impact the world of color and earn them the name ‘pioneers’. Based on the idea that coloring plastics should be made simpler and cleaner, they developed, in close cooperation with a customer, the concept of ‘highly loaded pigment granules’. Our Holcobatch® masterbatch became a fact.

And yet, despite its age, Holcobatch® is more relevant today than ever. This is because Holcobatch® is not only regarded as the best performing PVC and PET colorant on the market, it is also the frontrunner in the drive to offer eco-friendly PVC and PET colorants. “We have a history of developing products with optimal performance and ease of application”, says Coen Vinke, CEO of Holland Colours.

In 1979, sustainability wasn’t on most people’s minds. But, highly concentrated, dust-free Holcobatch® already differed in several significant ways from the color pigments then used in PVC pipes for the Building & Construction industry.

“Holcobatch® was the first colorant product to encapsulate pigments and additives using a renewably sourced carrier instead of a polymer. This was unique at the time – and it remains so today, making Holcobatch® a truly sustainable colorant’’, explains Coen Vinke, CEO of Holland Colours.


Holcobatch® is also highly pigmented and offers excellent coloring consistency. Thanks to its unique composition, it has a lower melting point than the alternatives. This enables quick color release, resulting in optimal distribution of the colorant. This means it can be used in low doses, which is another win for the environment.


Wavin testimonial - Holcobatch Masterbatch eco

Holcobatch®’s position as the sustainable choice extends to processing, too. Being easy to melt, it only requires little energy to do so. This lowers the carbon footprint during processing at our customers.

But Holcobatch® is not the only breakthrough product from Holland Colours. In close cooperation with customers, we have developed our highly loaded Holcopearl® and Holcoprill for the Packaging and Building & Construction markets and our highly opaque Holcomer for the dairy PET packaging industry. “Holcomer Circulaire was launched in 2018 as a first-of-its-kind low mineral, highly opaque solution with improved recyclability.” explains Eelco van Hamersveld, CTO of Holland Colours.

Our range of products contains both solid and liquid coloring systems -, all designed with and for our customers, to answer their challenges. Over the years, we have developed a full palette of standard and customized colorants, including opaque, metallic and frost.

In addition to colorants and masterbatches, we offer a wide choice of additives. Our products are manufactured in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Being close to where our customers are reduces transport costs and the related emissions. “We translate 40+ years of formulation know-how into top-notch technical support and solutions,” concludes Vinke.

Holland Colours not only continues to deliver unrivalled coloring performance across a wide range of polymers, we have, indeed, always supported the kind of sustainable solutions that will help build a truly circular economy.

To learn more about Holcobatch and its different applications, in different markets, please download the Holcobatch leaflet for packaging or the Holcobatch leaflet for Building and Construction.